Rawlinsons (W.A.) residential portfolio covers a wide range of housing, from luxury apartments, to aged care facilities, community housing and large luxury houses.

Rawlinsons diverse range of both dwelling types and client bodies in this category (major commercial developers, aged care providers, institutional organisations and private individuals) means the type and scope of services we provide varies greatly depending on client needs, budget and complexity of the development.

Available services during:

The Planning Stage

Master planning
Feasibility studies
Master planning
Detailed estimating
Elemental cost planning and budget control
Value management
Cash flow projections
Material selection and life cycle analysis
Procurement method selection
Conditions of contract selection
Available services during:

The Procurement Stage

Bill of quantities
Schedule of rates
Tender pricing
Tender analysis
Tender document auditing
Tender management
Available services during:

The Construction Stage

Progress payments
Variation estimating and negotiation
Prolongation claim assessment
Confidential financial reporting
Contractual dispute resolution
Final account negotiation and settlement

Post Construction

Notable Projects


Anglican Homes (multiple and Portfolio Asset Valuations)
Bronte Street Apartments, East Perth
Criterion Towers
DHW Housing - Halls Creek
DHW Housing Kalgoorlie
Fremantle Cold Stores Apartments
Goderich Street Apartments
Hall and Prior Self Care, Assisted Living and Full Care Aged Care Villages (2 Off)
Murdoch Residential Aged Care Facility
North Coogee Marina Village Apartments
Prowse Street Apartments
Queens Riverside Apartments
Shenton Avenue Units, Joondalup
Sky Apartments
St Mary’a AGS Boarding House Redevelopment
Stirling Towers Complex
Stirling Towers Rectification Works