The Industry Leaders in Estimating Construction Costs

As Construction Cost Consultants and Quantity Surveyors, Rawlinsons (W.A.) provide accurate and timely cost advice throughout both the planning and construction phases of a building project, ensuring our clients receive maximum value for money by reducing both capital and on-going costs and preventing cost overruns.

A Rawlinsons (W.A.) Director is always be heavily involved in all projects, especially in the early stages of design where there is often a real absence of documentation. At this time, the experience of the Quantity Surveyor is critical in making the appropriate allowances for non-detailed items as well as the identification of risk and allowing a suitable contingency to cover such items.

Rawlinsons (W.A.) prides itself on its reputation within the construction
industry for producing comprehensive, accurate, and easy to follow Bills of
Quantities (BOQ). This standard is maintained by allocating proficient staff to BOQ production with most surveyors having a minimum of 10 years of BOQ experience. All Bills are produced in-house including services measurement, with no work outsourced. This process ensures a co-ordinated and controlled document being produced.

Rawlinsons (W.A.) are advocates for the measurement of mechanical
and electrical trades in Bill of Quantities. The measurement of these services trades proves effective in trade comparison, valuation of progress claims and assessment of variation claims.

As the compilors, editors and publishers of the Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook, Rawlinsons (W.A.) cost database has the most up to date pricing available, tracks market trends, labour awards and base material costs. Through this publication Rawlinsons (W.A.) has a great understanding of bench marking rates for various facilities. 

With over 65 years in the industry, Rawlinsons (W.A.) has the technical knowledge, experience and capabilities to ensure your financial interests are protected and ensuring you, the client, receives the best value for money from the design, construction and operation of your asset.

Eliminating the risk of financial surprises
Adopting a pro-active rather than reactive approach to cost management
Ensuring that Stakeholders are fully informed on all cost matters, at all times
What sets Rawlinsons apart from the rest?


Rawlinsons (W.A.) Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Consultant staff are proficient in the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), creating efficiencies through the entire life of our projects from concept to asset management. We believe that Building Information Modelling is a growing trend, which is revolutionising the way that planning, design and construction are conducted within our industry.
Rawlinsons (W.A.) is committed to identifying the costs and benefits of incorporating sustainability initiatives in each project using a 4 Star Green Star building Council of Australia rating. 
Rawlinsons (W.A.) uses the industry's most widely recognised take off and estimating software, Cost X, ensuring all measurements for costing purposes are accurate and efficient, providing additional time for alternate cost comparisons.
Rawlinsons (W.A.) brings exceptional value to each project by way of an in house, fully qualified senior Quantity Surveyor, who holds an electrician license and a Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Keith Woodley’s experience and skills in this field are well known in the local industry and are sought out by both clients and other consultants.
As Construction Cost Consultants, Rawlinsons (W.A.) has made significant contributions to Western Australia's built environment over the last 65 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to each project.
Rawlinsons (W.A.) compiles and edits the Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook. The Director of Publishing is a highly qualified and experienced Quantity Surveyor and Construction Cost Consultant who ensures our cost database has the most up to date pricing available, tracking market trends and base material costs.

What does it cost?

Cost of services depends on the scope of service required and of course the size and complexity of the project. The majority of our commissions are based on a fixed lump sum price so you know the cost up front, or some prefer to pay as you use by the hour. The choice is yours and we will always be pleased to give you a free, no obligation, written quote for your project. As a guide, the cost of providing cost management services for your project can be estimated from the following table.

Construction Cost
Cost Planning
Bill of Quantities
Contract Cost Control
Full Cost Management
under $1.0 million
1 - 2%
$5 million
$10 million
$20 million
$50 million
$100 million
$200 million
Do you have any questions?
The range of services we can provide is extensive but if you don’t recognise your requirements, give us a call, tell us what you need and our Director will be able to assist you without any obligation.