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Development Contribution Plan Cost Reconciliation Valuation

Development Contribution Plans (DCP's) are financial and legal arrangements between owners and local governments in which new infrastructure development costs within an area are shared.

The DCP's help to ensure that the requirement, cost, delivery and planning of the construction of the new infrastructure works is justified.

On occasion, the developer will require the construction of the infrastructure to progress however the local government does not have the funding in place to share the costs. Alternatively, the local government may request the developer to carry out the construction as part of overall development convenience. In either scenarios, the developer and local government may seek a pre funding agreement.

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This agreement allows the developer to take on the local governments share of costs for the infrastructure developments and then claim the proportion of work as a reimbursement or rebate once the construction is complete. Usually this involves proportioning the approved and agreed infrastructure costs from the overall development costs.

As Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Experts, Rawlinsons provide Development Contribution Plan Cost Reconciliation Valuation Services for local governments.

What is included in a Rawlinsons Cost Reconciliation Valuation?

Please read on below to learn about what our service includes;

Carrying out an independent cost estimate and quantification of the proportioned infrastructure works under the responsibility of the local government and in accordance with the agreement
Carrying out an independent cost estimate for the proportioned fees and charges
Verification that all rates and quantities are in line with contract documents and are fair and reasonable
Comparing and verifying the developer’s rebate claim against our independent estimate and providing comments accordingly
Verifying and ensuring that the developer’s rebate claim is in line with the local government’s Development Contribution Plan
Verifying and ensuring that the claimed contract variations and provisional quantities in the rebate claim are in accordance with the final progress claim
Ensuring that the rebate claim is fair and reasonable for the proportioned infrastructure construction works
Provision of the final recommended reconciliation valuation and comparison to claimed amount

Is the report easy to understand?

Our comprehensive report includes the basis of the verification, detailed and summary tables as well as our recommendation. Contact us today via email or phone for more details on our services and an obligation free quote.

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