February 14, 2019

Digitally Better | 2019 Rawlinsons Australian Construction Cost Publications

In 2018, due to high customer demand, Rawlinsons Australian Construction Cost Publications became available in a cloud based PDF, view-able via downloadable software.

Following the launch, we surveyed our digital users and, after listening to the feedback, and being committed to developing and improving our products, we implemented several enhancements to the 2018 digital publication software.

The result sees the new 2019 software offering greater ease of navigation as well as default bookmarks for book contents, user defined bookmarks, embedded hyperlinks throughout, index hyperlinks and improved search functionality. Users will still be able to add their own shared notes and annotations, highlighting the areas important to their business.

These new features will improve productivity and efficiency in using our trusted Publications.

Customers of the hard copy versions, or new customers to Rawlinsons, can try the software via our Free Trial. This trial requires the user to download the applicable software to enable access to a 5 page sample of the electronic publication of their choice.

Once the software has been downloaded, you can access your publication anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet. To ensure our publications are secure, the software is encrypted so users cannot print, save, screen shot, print screen, snip, copy and paste or screen share.

Just like a traditional hard copy book, one purchase equals one copy (license). Multiple users can be set up to use the license; however it only allows one user to access the publication at one time, much like a traditional book. If you need to use it, you need to wait until the person before you has finished. If you wish to allow your users to access more than one license at a time you can purchase multiple licenses, just like purchasing multiple hard copies for your office. Rawlinsons offers discounts for purchasing 5 or more licenses and also offers bundle deals whereby customer can purchase a hard copy and digital version for a discounted price.

For further details on our Construction Cost Publications, please head over to our Publishing sister site www.rawlhouse.com.au or contact our office on 08 9424 5800.

Written by
Kirsty Maxted for Rawlinsons