October 10, 2018

Tax Lodgement Deadline | 31.10.2018

The deadline for lodging your 2018 tax returns is nearly upon us, just a mere 21 days away. 

If you are generating income from an investment property, be it for commercial or residential use, you are entitled to claim the depreciation of the property. This legitimate tax deduction is often not claimed in full as without an accurate and professionally prepared tax depreciation schedule, investors can miss out on thousands of dollars in their tax returns.

It's not too late to contact Rawlinsons (W.A.) and have your tax depreciation schedule compiled in time to use in your 2018 return.

Why choose Rawlinsons (W.A.)?

The Australian Taxation Office requires a tax depreciation schedule to be compiled by a qualified Quantity Surveyor and Rawlinsons (W.A.) employees not only are qualified professionals, but have access to the most comprehensive and current library pricing information and data sources in Australia. As the creators and editors of the extensively circulated Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook, there is no company better resourced to compile your tax depreciation schedule.

Contact Rawlinsons (W.A.) today on 08 9424 5800 or through our contact form.

Written by
Kirsty Maxted for Rawlinsons