March 31, 2022

Broome Turf Club

In late 2021 Rawlinsons were engaged by Taylor Burrell Barnett on behalf of the Shire of Broome to produce an order of magnitude cost estimate and report for the proposed master plan at the Broome Turf Club.

Rawlinsons role was to provide high level cost estimates for various identified items of works including grandstand redevelopment and extension, constructing a new arena facility, event space construction, relocated horse race track, new playground construction, additional amenities marquee area expansion, new stables area, tourist accommodation building and dedicated camping area construction. Externally there was an upgrade to the existing road infrastructure and an extension of the existing car park. Additionally, high level estimates were included for the upgrading of the existing utility services capacity to cater for the potential increase in demand over time.

Cost estimates were estimated using a 4/m2 for the various facilities and adjusted to suite regional factors and existing site constraint impacts. In total 60 separate facilities were identified and costed separately to enable the client to have transparency in costing which would aid in the decision making process. The total order of magnitude cost estimate was just below $90m dollars.

Due to limited design and scope information Rawlinsons compiled a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions for each asset to ensure that the allowance allowed aligned with the scope and design intent of both the client and planner.

One of the challenges faced on the project was identifying the existing services infrastructure and what significant upgrades were required. Rawlinsons worked closely with the civil and electrical consultants to establish a reasonable scope of works that could be phased over time as the masterplan evolved.

Rawlinsons services estimator, Khaled Moukadem analysed this information to provide high level services infrastructure cost estimates. 

Taylor Burrell Barnett