May 31, 2023

Curtin University Toilet Refresh Tranche 2

The Toilet Refresh Tranche 2 project includes the fit out and refurbishment of toilets across six buildings at Curtin University in Bentley. The purpose of this project is to provide these buildings with contemporary and aesthetically modern toilets. The refurbishment includes demolition works, reconfiguration of walls, construction of new walls, new doors, new tiled finishes, painting new joinery and cabinetry, new sanitary fixtures, and adjustment of the existing services (plumbing, HVAC, and electrical).

In the first instance, Rawlinsons were engaged to provide a Concept Design cost estimate where we factored in all known COVID-19 related cost implications at the time of the estimate to represent accurate costings to the team. Rawlinsons helped the project team in preparing various cost options for the various possible designs alternatives to arrive at the most cost-effective solutions. This involved pricing various reconfigurations of the sanitary fixtures (and associated plumbing), tiling selections, fixtures selection, and similar items. Rawlinsons also managed costs associated latent costs associated with the reconfiguration of the existing sanitary fixtures points. For instance, we were able to identify locations where slab trenching and making good is required. This also involved the adjustment of associated water feeds and sewer drains to suit the new locations. In addition, due to the construction being carried out in the existing facility and in most case an operational environment, Rawlinsons have also allowed costs associated with loss of productivity, hoarding and staging, and coordination in the estimate. These are vital components that are often overlooked in cost plans, and we ensured that they were captured because they can add a substantial amount in costs (sometimes almost double the cost) to the project, especially when afterhours works are dictated. Finally, we applied an appropriate contingency for works in the existing environment, as we know this calls for a higher than usual allowance.

Rawlinsons were then contracted to complete a pre-tender estimate for these works. This involved minor value engineering due to minor scope changes from the concept design stage. Rawlinsons were able to utilise current cost data, contact suppliers for current quotations, and discuss costs with subcontractors. Rawlinsons also carried out a second cost option for various more basic sanitary fixtures to illustrate to the team the cost premiums in the current smart design. Nevertheless, the university decided to remain with the smart option as part of the final design. After tendering the project to four builders, Rawlinsons pre-tender estimate was within 1% of the lowest tender price achieving a desirable outcome. Rawlinsons also completed the full tender analysis to recommend and scrutinise all the tenders.

Rawlinsons is engaged for the contract administration services, once construction commences.

Curtin University
Bentley, WA