April 1, 2022

McCallum Park Active Area

Rawlinsons were engaged by the Town of Victoria Park to provide a Pre-Tender estimate for the redevelopment of McCallum Park based on 85% documentation. The scope of works included the following: 

-         Demolition of existing site structures and in-ground services

-         Site clearance and earthworks

-         Upgrading of existing basketball court and flood lighting

-         New Skate Park

-         New pump track

-         Soft landscaping

-         New walkways, paths and way finding

-         Upgraded electrical, sewer and water services

-         New amenities blocks

The project had some bespoke design features including a DJ booth which required AV services. Many of the park benches also had feature LED lighting. The park also holds a substantial deep sewer pumping station and all works and services had to be co-ordinated around this to minimise any potential damage.

The Rawlinsons team, led by Niall Mc Aree, produced detailed cost for all of the above costs including services infrastructure. Niall liaised with both the landscape consultant and electrical engineer in order to refine the design to reduce the overall costs. This was achieved through practical solutions such as pre-fabricated amenities block, rationalisation of extent of footpaths, refinement of footpath specification, reduction on the extent of feature lighting along with many others.

Town of Victoria Park