December 1, 2022

City of Melville Civic Centre HVAC Upgrade

Rawlinsons are engaged by Norman Disney Young to provide a Concept Design Estimate and Pre-Tender Estimate for the HVAC upgrades to the City of Melville Civic Centre. This included chiller upgrades, pump upgrades, piping upgrades, a new VRV system of 116 new units, boiler replacement, control upgrades, BMS upgrades, removal of existing redundant system, ceiling replacement and patching works, chiller compound demolition and reconstruction elsewhere, and associated builders works.

Associate Director, Khaled Moukadem, is the lead cost planner for this specialised project. As our in house Service Specialist Quantity Surveyor, Khaled holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering which proves invaluable for estimating services costs.

The project is commencing construction in early 2023.

Norman Disney Young