October 31, 2021

Mundijong Urban Development Contribution Plan

Rawlinsons were engaged by the Shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale to provide reconciliation valuations of the DCP rebate claims for two infrastructure projects under the Mundijong Urban DCP: Tinspar Avenue and Skyline Boulevard. Each of these infrastructure projects was carried out in two stages.  

As part of Rawlinsons scope, we conducted a thorough review of the DCP rebate claim by the developers to ensure all claimed costs were fair, reasonable, and in line with the Mundijong Urban Development Contribution Plan. Rawlinsons carried out a thorough review of all the items claimed along with their respective rates and quantities. This involved the re-measurement of all work items claimed and the validation of the rates used in-line with the contract documents. Rawlinsons then coordinated with the developer’s consultants regarding any discrepancy or obscurities. Following from this, Rawlinsons provided a recommended amount (which varied from that claimed by the developers) to the Shire depicting the value of every work item according to the work completed and contract documents. The developer for this claim had claimed incorrectly in relation to quantities, rates and work items.

Rawlinsons ensured that the valuation carried out was the most accurate representation of the work completed so that the Shire is in the best position to rebate the Developers for their work.

Shire of Serpentine/Jarrahdale