November 30, 2019

North Perth School of Early Learning Child Care Centre

Completed in August 2018, the North Perth School of Early Learning Child Care Centre consists of an existing Heritage listed 1907 red brick federation Police Station with a new industrial style addition, using concrete and steel.

Heritage projects are complex and often impose unique challenges. In this instance, there were cost constraints due to limited funding, physical constraints due to rigid site accessibility, sensitive public relations issues with the neighbours and authorities and strict regulations imposed on additions and alterations due to the Heritage component of the existing Building.

The restoration works to the Heritage building included replacing the existing roof structure and covering, insulation and rainwater goods, incorporating a new roof skylight and roof anchor system, replacing electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, restoring doors and fireplace and installing additional steel beam structures to maintain structural integrity and stability.

Due to a delay in the approval of the Building Permit, it was necessary to construct in two stages, the first being Forward Works, comprising of the demolition of in-ground services, earthworks and basement works up to ground slab. Stage Two, Building Permit, was for the rest of the project. Due to delay on the approval of the Building Permit, the Project was at risk of incompletion within the tight construction period of 48 weeks. Fortunately good collaboration, coordination and teamwork between the Contractor and the Client's consultants minimised further delay and the Project was completed within the approved extended contract completion date.

Rawlinson provided cost estimating services throughout the design phase of the works. At each design gateway a cost plan and report was produced identifying the estimate value of works including risk assessment and contingency calculation. This often required detailed research and consultation with the heritage advisor to ensure adequate allowances were included for sourcing of materials and specialist contractor availability to complete some of the restoration works. When the project was exceeding the Clients budget value engineering was undertaking to reduce the construction costs and bring the project back on budget.

A Bill of Quantities was produced and was utilised by the contractors to compile their tender bids.

The project experienced discrepancies between the documentation and as-built site construction. However, the Contractors quick response and turnaround on RFIs by the respective Consultants facilitated workable solutions to all problems encountered. One of the major variations, which are common in many projects, is reinforcement claim. The Contractor had submitted their delivery dockets to substantiate their claim but contractually they were only entitled to as-built reinforcement installed. In addition to the Provisional Quantity BQ item, discrepancies between the structural drawings and as-built construction made the continuous review and re-measure based on as-built drawings necessary to avoid over-valuation and over-certification in the interim progress payments. The result of the re-measure exercise saved the project from a $47,000 over-claim.  

Rawlinsons provided full post contract cost management services including, post contract payment valuations, variation assessment and financial reports. The project was awarded within 5% of the Pre Tender estimate and was completed with the total value of variations being less than 1% of the original contract sum. This was a great result for the Client and the Design team alike.

Overall, the strong collaboration and experienced project team resulted in a practical building that met the Client's needs in a reasonable time and cost.


School of Early Learning
North Perth | Western Australia