December 1, 2021

Jigalong Youth Centre

Rawlinsons were engaged by Parakeelya Architecture and Construction Management on behalf of the 19th Chief Engineer Works (Australian Army) to provide cost estimating services for a regional aboriginal youth centre in Jigalong, Western Australia. Parakeeyla Architecture and Construction Management is an Indigenous Enterprise creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses.

The Youth Centre scope included a youth entertainment area, an early learning arts & activities area, an office, a kitchen, a sleeping area, toilets, and some storage facilities. In addition, the Youth Centre has an outdoor covered area, a playground area with some landscaping, and a carpark area. The BBQ Area’s scope includes some landscaping works, footpaths, sitting pavilion areas, a cooking pavilion, public standalone toilet structures, a walkway over the existing road, and some site works. The Creek Crossings’ works includes culverts construction, temporary bypass roads, overhead road construction, and earthworks at the two locations.

Rawlinsons provided cost estimating services at 30%, 50% and 90% design stages for the facility. As the works were being undertaken in a very remote location and a large amount of the works would be undertaken by local unskilled labour Rawlinsons had to break all costs down into first principles of materials, plant and labour with additional allowances included for travel and mobilisation of plant and equipment on site. Probabilistic contingency calculation was used to generate both P50 and P90 confidence levels.

At each design stage a cost estimate report was provided which detailed current construction cost estimates, design and construction contingencies, professional fees, artwork allowances, FFE and ICT provisions along with escalation up to project commencement. These services resulted in the project being completed within the overall funding available.

In addition to the above, Rawlinsons (W.A)were asked to provide an indicative 10-year life cycle costing for the Youth Centre and BBQ Area.

Parakeelya Architecture