December 31, 2018

Carnarvon Health Centre Redevelopment

Carnarvon Health Campus is an Integrated District Health Service that also provides support to the health services in the Western Australian regional towns of Exmouth, Coral Bay and Denham. The redevelopment of this existing facility included the provision of a new Ambulatory Health Care Centre, replacement parking facilities, refurbishment and reconfiguration of existing facilities to accommodate the upgrading of the Emergency Department, relocation of Pharmacy and the provision of a new four chair Renal Dialysis service. The existing Emergency Department was also upgraded in order to meet Importance Level 4 for Disaster Preparedness and cyclone proof standards. The construction of the redevelopment was procured in stages in order to ensure continued operation of the hospital and minimised disruption.

The project required significant remediation prior to the ground works being undertaken. Following a hazardous material report by Aurora Environmental it was confirmed that large areas of the site contained ACM fragments that would need to be remediation prior to the strip footing and in-ground services being installed. The Aurora Report provided 3 distinct remediation options and Rawlinsons provided a cost comparison of all 3 options in order to ascertain the most economical method as to ensure the Client received best value for money.

Despite the nature and complexity of the works in a cyclonic region, including the staging and sequencing of works to keep all existing departments operational throughout the contract period, as well as the regional locality of the works, the project remained on budget and without significant programme overruns. Overall this was a very successful project for all parties involved.

Department of Finance Building Management & Works
Carnarvon, Western Australia