January 31, 2018

Returned Services League of Western Australia (RSLWA)

In 2016, Rawlinsons were engaged by the Returned Services League of Western Australia (RSLWA) to provide cost management services ranging from initial cost estimates for the business case, through to contract documentation, including a Bill of Quantities, for the redevelopment of Anzac House.

Anzac House included a forward works phase for the demolition of the existing RSL Headquarters, relocation of services from within the site, and construction of the basement piling and foundation system.

Due to its proximity to the Central Law Courts Building and 32 St Georges Terrace, three major columns supporting the Central Law Courts above the existing Anzac House building needed to be retained. Allowances also were needed to ensure support for all adjacent structures preventing damage from resulting works, as well as providing lateral support equivalent to the structure to be demolished, and providing vertical support where necessary using piling or underpinning or both.

Located in a high traffic public section of the Perth CBD, protection of both the site, contractors and the general public was of the upmost importance with allowances made for;

-         The prevention of encroachment of demolished materials onto adjoining properties including public places.

-         Provision of covers to protect existing plant, materials and equipment intended for reuse.

-         Provision of dust proof screens and covers to protect existing building surfaces and the immediate environment from dust and debris.

-         Provision of security against unauthorised entry if a wall or roof was opened during the course of the demolition work.

An iconic and culturally important building, Anzac House was successfully demolished in 2017, with the new facility now open.

Returned Services League of Western Australia (RSLWA)
Perth, Western Australia