May 1, 2022

Gapuwiyak Youth Centre & Art Centre & Baniyala Community Shop

Rawlinson were engaged by Parakeelya Architecture and Construction Management on behalf of the19th Chief Engineer Works (Australian Army) to provide cost estimating services for a regional Youth Centre in Gapuwiyak, a regional Art Centre in Gapuwiyak, and a regional Community Shop in Baniyala in Northern Territory. Parakeeyla Architecture and Construction Management is an Indigenous Enterprise creating employment opportunities for Aboriginal people and businesses.

Rawlinsons (W.A) provided cost estimating services at 30% and 50% design stages for the facility; furthermore, we were engaged to provide 90% cost estimating services in the future along with lifecycle costings. Our services also included providing estimates for multiple design options to assist in the provision of the necessary accurate information required for the Army to make their decision. To calculate the contingency required for each of these projects, we carried out a Probabilistic estimation method using a Monte Carlo Simulation. We provided P80 and P90confidence level simulations and recommended respective contingencies. Due to the complexity with building the projects in such remote areas, the probabilistic method in the calculation of the contingency was suitable for this project. In addition to the above services, Rawlinsons (W.A) had also provided our Clients with the indicative split of the works in terms of Materials vs. Labour at the 50% design stage. This is because the Army may be sourcing their own labour to carry out the works, and they wanted to investigate the costs associated with the just the Materials involved. Furthermore, Rawlinsons (W.A) also provided advice on the current market trends and the costs increases associated with the selected materials (and associated trades) for the project.

At each design stage a cost estimate report is provided which details current construction cost estimates, design and construction contingencies, professional fees, artwork allowances, FFE and ICT provisions along with escalation up to project commencement. There is one more design stage left in relation to our services in which we intend to deliver our P90 90% design cost estimates for all three aforementioned developments, a lifecycle costing for each, and the split of materials and labour.

Parakeelya Architecture
Gapuwiyak and Baniyala