December 31, 2017

Centennial Park Sporting Precinct

Rawlinsons were engaged by the City of Albany to provide full quantity surveying services for the $42 million Centennial Park Sporting Precinct project.  

The Centennial Park Sporting Precinct (CPSP) comprises of 68 hectares of sporting and recreational reserve, redeveloped in a multi-stage project, funded from a variety of government and NGOs. CPSP caters for diverse sports and leisure groups including; AFL Football, Soccer, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Aquatics, Netball and Basketball. The CPSP Master Plan study addressed a series of issues and key concept development strategies, including:

-         Integrated landscape and water management plan

-         Integrated community play and recreation spaces

-         Shared pathway trail (fitness)connections

-         Integrated signage, interpretation and public art

-         Redevelopment of playing fields and premier oval

-         Improved lighting and electrical upgrade

-         Improved governance structure

-         Additional (multi-user) club-room and storage facilities

-         Premier oval, grandstand, club rooms, amenities and event spaces

-         Improved vehicle access and circulation spaces

-         Strategic commercial development

The Master Plan was prepared by setting and achieving a series of milestones; Initiation, Scheme Development, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Documentation, Tender Packaging, Post Tender Evaluation, Construction Packaging and Construction Phase. The full CPSP Master Plan and its accompanying documents formed the foundation data from which the whole team developed the documentation and the staged implementation strategy.

As cost managers, Rawlinsons primary objective in this project was to identify the costs and benefits of incorporating an appropriate level of sustainable elements by way of simple, cost-effective solutions that promote energy and water efficiency, waste minimisation and the use of ecologically sustainable materials and construction practices.

The Master Plan addressed all environmental issues within the project’s budget constraints, particularly with the use and re-use of water. The precinct is designed to meet future demand and to improve community participation and interest. Some of the tasks performed on the CPSP project include environmental initiatives, including the State Government’s sustainable building practices and energy consumption levels, and the Green Building Council's Education Ratings.

The City of Albany has arguably achieved its objective of achieving a world class sporting precinct, with cutting edge playing surfaces and support facilities for a range of passive and active activities.  

City of Albany
Albany, Western Australia