May 17, 2023

City of Kwinana Development Contribution Plan (DCP)

Rawlinsons are currently engaged by the City of Kwinana to carry out cost estimating services in preparation for the 2023 Development Contribution Plan annual review.

Rawlinsons has been engaged on a 5-year contract to update these costs starting from 2023. This includes estimating planned roadworks and intersections at design stages ranging from no design to 85% design, public open spaces and sporting grounds, related utilities diversions, open drains, and road and verge landscaping.  

The roadworks, intersections, and utilities diversion were estimated based on documentation design ranging from no design to 85% design, DYBD information indicated on drawings and by Rawlinsons investigations, and industry accepted assumptions. Rawlinsons segregated the roadworks according as per the DCP requirements arriving at 12 roads assets. These estimates included all work items including earthworks, road treatments, footpaths, services, and utilities diversions necessary.

As for the open drains, Rawlinsons prepared estimates for 12 open drain assets required to assist the district’s drainage. For the public open spaces and foreshore works, Rawlinsons provided transparency with all cost rates used and estimated all public open spaces according to the DCP. These included 45 POS’s each offering different facilities including some playing fields to all seven DCA’s. Rawlinsons followed the guidelines of items prepared by the City in carrying out these estimates.

City of Kwinana, WA