December 1, 2022

Curtin University B405 Clinical Skills Lab

The B405 Clinical Skills Lab Refurbishment project included the refurbishment of the existing labs and associated facilities on the third floor of building B405 at Curtin University in Bentley. In addition to the upgrades to the four existing labs, a refurbishment and repurposing of the existing communications/AV rack rooms and the staff room on this floor was being carried. The purpose of the project is to upgrade all fit out, finishes, and facilities to these labs to contemporary standards, increasing capacity of classes, reconfiguration of the preparation areas, and additional fitments and equipment.

Rawlinsons were engaged to provide full cost planning and contract administration services for this project. We carried Schematic Design, Design Development, and Pre-Tender Estimates with our final estimate ($1.96 million) arriving within 5% of the final contract awarded sum. Rawlinsons had factored in all known COVID-19 related cost implications at the time of the estimate to represent accurate costing.

Practical completion was reached in 2022 and about 13% of the initial contingency amount now remains for the Defects Liability Period. Rawlinsons has helped reduce costs associated with the variations greatly by negotiation with the builder saving a lot of costs to the project.  

Curtin University